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10mm Auto, Sample Pack 4: 20 Rounds (Ten loaded with 155-grain Barnes XPBs; and ten 155-grain Hornady XTPs)
An example of a 20-round Sample Pack. Click On Photos Below For Identification Of Other Bullets Loaded In This Sample Pack's Ammunition.
10mm Auto, Sample Pack 4: 20 Rounds (Ten loaded with 155-grain Barnes XPBs; and ten 155-grain Hornady XTPs)
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Tired of spending big money on handgun ammunition that you can?t return and then hoping that a) it feeds and functions correctly in your gun, b) your gun likes it well enough to shoot it accurately, c) it produces tolerable recoil, and d) it shoots to point of aim?

We all know guns usually shoot some ammo well and other ammo poorly. Littlestone Ammunition?s sample pack system helps you find a quality, effective and accurate load at a fraction of the money you?d spend buying numerous full boxes of different kinds of ammunition.

For less than you?d pay for a box of most decent ammunition, you should try one of Littlestone Ammunition?s 20- or 50-round sample packs, which will let you test different types of ammo at much less cost. When you find the load you?re looking for you can buy a supply knowing it will do the job for you instead of just hoping it will.

And to help you test your Sample Pack, if you choose you can download to your mobile device Littlestone Ammunition's SureSHOT app, available FREE from any page on our website. After downloading, you can take it to the range and it will help you find the right load for you based on four metrics that you can customize according to your preference.

This is a 20-round sample pack loaded with two types of bullets:

  • Ten rounds loaded with 155-grain Barnes TAC-XP bullets: The Barnes X bullet for handguns is a homogeneous solid copper bullet that combines accuracy, power and exceptional penetration. The handgun X bullet comes in two versions, the TAC-XP (personal defense) and the XPB (hunting). The designations refer to their expected use as there are no differences in the basic construction of these hollow point bullets. Barnes handgun X bullets are known for three noteworthy traits: accuracy, penetration, and the six razor sharp petals that peel back from the bullet?s nose upon impact and create a cutting wound that promotes bleeding and energy delivery. The accuracy and penetration both arise from the solid copper construction. Starline nickel-plated cases.

  • Ten rounds loaded with155-grain Hornady XTP bullets: The Hornady XTP is formed from a copper jacket over a lead core. The XTP, which stands for eXtreme Terminal Performance, is regarded as an accurate bullet with good performance over a broad range of velocities. It is produced in several versions for different applications. The basic XTP is a hollow point design engineered with skives to promote controlled expansion, typically about 1.5 times the bullet?s original diameter. It offers controlled expansion and deep penetration. Recommended velocities range from 700 to 1,500 feet per second. Some of the XTP bullets come with a boat tail design and are designated by the inclusion of BT in their name. Starline brass cases.

For photographs and additional information about these and other bullets, please see The Bullets page.

Feature 1: Load Number A323
Feature 2: Load Number A324
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