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10mm Auto Sample Packs introduced

Posted by Administrator on 10/1/2013 to New Products
Littlestone Ammunition is happy to announce that we have created four Sample Packs for the 10mm Auto pistol. One has fifty rounds, 10 rounds each of 5 different loads, and the others have 20 rounds, 10 rounds each of two different loads. They feature Barnes, Hornady, Speer and Sierra bullets, and like all of our Sample Packs you can use our proprietary ammunition evaluation application, SureSHOT, on your MOBILE DEVICE to evaluate them and find a great load for your handgun. You can find the 10mm Sample Packs at this web address: http://www.littlestonesrus.com/10mm-Auto-Sample-Packs_c_1133.html You can find the SureSHOT app at this web address: http://www.littlestonesrus.com/sureshot/

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