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Ammunition & Loading Services
Littlestone Ammunition makes genuine custom and custom-quality handgun ammunition.

By definition, the word custom means “made to order” for a single customer. As such, it also implies a much higher level of quality than that found in general production goods.

Unlike some major ammunition houses that seem to slap the word custom on a box of mass-produced ammunition and charge more for it, we actually make both custom ammunition (for a specific customer), and custom-quality ammo (to the same high quality standards as though for a specific customer.)

We also offer services unique in the industry to further our goal of making available the highest quality ammunition at the lowest possible price to as many of our fellow shooters as possible.


One-Gun Excel Elite®
One-Gun Excel Elite®, completely custom ammunition for the ultimate in accuracy and performance, this ammunition is loaded for a specific customer’s handgun and test fired by us. It requires the customer to send the gun to us.

Custom-Quality Excel Elite®
Custom-Quality Excel Elite® ammunition, loaded to the same exacting standards as our One-Gun Excel Elite® at the end of a One-Gun order production and during idle press time, it is and made available for general purchase at very attractive prices.

Sample-Pack Excel Elite®
Sample-Pack Excel Elite® ammo provides a cost effective way to test a variety of Custom-Quality Excel Elite® ammunition to find a great load for your handgun

Loading Services

  1. Competition Services: Ammunition for competition shooters
  2. Hunting Services: Superior loads for hunters
  3. Personal Defense: Ammunition for personal defense applications
  4. Reloading Service: We'll save you serious money with our reloading service.