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Custom-Quality Excel Elite

     Littlestone Ammunition's Custom-Quality Excel Elite® is identical to our One-Gun Excel Elite® ammunition, except that it is not developed for a specific handgun and is available for general purchase rather than by only a single customer.

     Custom-Quality Excel Elite® is made to the same rigid quality standards as One-Gun Excel Elite®. In fact, it is often made at the conclusion of production of a One-Gun custom order so no additional set-up charges or range testing time are involved, and it can be sold at less cost to the customer. You'll find pricing of our Custom-Quality Excel Elite is usually at or below massed-produced ammo using the same bullet.
     As during loading of our One-Gun® ammunition, when we making Custom-Quality Excel Elite® we pay scrupulous attention to maintaining absolute consistency and precision of dimensions, weights and the use of all components, including but not limited to:
  • holding powder charge weights to a consistency of less than +/- one-tenth of a grain, which is regarded by many in the industry as the gold standard of match grade ammunition;
  • regulating overall bullet seating depth by measurement off the ogive (curved part of the bullet nose) rather than the tip, which can give false readings;
  • individually inspecting each round to ensure consistency;
  • meticulously keeping load data records to enable load duplication for the customer in the future.
     Because of our rigid quality control standards, the vast majority of our customers find the accuracy and quality they need within our Custom-Quality® Excel Elite loadings, which are available for immediate purchase in this storefront.
     Custom-Quality® Excel Elite ammuntion is available in quantities of 20 and 50. Twenty-rounds quantities are packaged in chipboard boxes with plastic inserts. Fifty-round quantities are packaged in sturdy, reusable plastic flip top boxes with individual cartridge compartments.
     Custom-Quality® Excel Elite ammuntion also serves as the basis for our innovative Sample Pack system, which enables shooters to test various loads in their handguns at much less expense than by purchasing larger quantities of a single loading. We strongly encourage you to consider use of the Sample Pack system.