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If you are a hunter looking for an accurate, powerful load for you handgun, Littlestone Ammunition offers several ways to find it.

By far the most used and least costly is to test fire some of our Sample-Pack Excel Elite® ammunition.

Because it is made to the same exacting standards as our  One-Gun Excel Elite® ammunition, the round-to-round consistency of Sample-Pack Excel Elite® is very high, and consistency often translates to accuracy. Thus, more often than not, a hunter can find an exceptional load at minimal cost using this approach. Once that is accomplished, additional quantities of the favored load can be purchased under the same Load Number as part of our Custom-Quality Excel Elite® ammo line, from which all of our Sample-Pack® ammo is drawn.

Please see our One-Gun Excel Elite® and Sample-Pack Excel Elite® pages for details of the origin and exceptional quality controls used to produce this ammunition. You may also find it useful to review The Bulletspage of our website storefront where you will find photographs of various bullets and often descriptions of their intended use and usual terminal performance.

The more costly approach, but one likely to produce the most accurate and powerful load is to utilize our One-Gun Excel Elite®  ammunition service. Though this service requires you to send us your handgun, we will produce for you a load of required accuracy, velocity and terminal performance to meet your needs. We also will zero your gun for you at an agreed upon range, build the quantity of ammunition you want and ship it to you. We also send chronographed bullet speed test results and accuracy confirmation targets. This obviously will be a much more costly approach and should be regarded as a last resort. Please see our One-Gun Excel Elite® page for additional details.