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Littlestone Ammunition
     Littlestone Ammunition is dedicated to providing handgun shooters with the most accurate and effective handgun ammunition possible at a reasonable price.

     Depending upon your preference and budget, we can offer you several choices.
     One-Gun Excel Elite®
     If you prefer to send us you handgun, we will develop a custom load just for it, called our One-Gun Excel Elite® line of ammunition. Though this is our most costly option, it also offers the greatest possibility of a highly accurate load, limited only by the capabTwenty- and 50-round boxes of .357 Magnum Custom-Quality Excel Elite ammo loaded with Barnes 140-grain XPB Solid Copper Hollow Point bullets.ility of the handgun itself. Our One-Gun® ammunition has historically been carefully assembled for our most demanding customers, made for a single customer one order at a time and calibrated for their specific firearm. Please see One-Gun® for details.
     Custom-Quality Excel Elite®
     A far less costly option and the one most of our customers use to obtain highly accurate and reliable ammo is our Custom-Quality Excel Elite® line of ammo. This ammunition is made to the same rigid tolerances as our One-Gun® line and differs only in that it is not tuned for a specific handgun. Custom-Quality® is loaded to the same exacting specifications, super-tight tolerances and consistency as the originating One-Gun® order: Same components, same individual inspections, same testing, same everything!
     Though Custom-Quality®is not tuned for a specific handgun, it is of superb quality, far exceeding that of ammunition produced by huge factories running automated machinery. It also is very competitively priced, usually below the price of standard factory product. This ammo is offered in both 20- and 50-round quanitities or multiples thereof. Our Custom-Quality® page has all the details.
     Sample-Pack Excel Elite®
     To help you find a Custom-Quality® load at reduced expense, we developed our Sample-Pack Excel Elite® product line. Our Sample Packs are 20-round boxes of ammunition that contain either 10 rounds each of two different loads/bullets or 5 rounds each of four different loads/bullets. Each load we produce carries its own unique Load Number and we keep detailed records of how each
load was made. By test firing a Sample Pack in your handgun, you can be certain it shoots to point of aim, is accurate, functions correctly if an auto-loader, and produces no more recoil than you desire. With each Sample Pack you will receive a color-coded Load Evaluation System ® to help you keep track of each load's performance. When you find the load you and your gun like, you can order the same Load Number of ammo in 20 or 50 rounds. This approach guarantees the ammo you buy will do exactly what you want and expect and won't leave you with multiple boxes of 20 or 50 rounds of ammo that just doesn't work in your gun. It's a great system and we encourage you to try it. See more at our Sample Packs page.
     Reduced Cost Reloading Service®
     As a special service to help our customers keep their ammunition costs under control, we provide a Reduced-Cost Reloading Service® for customers who purchase either One-Gun® or Custom-Quality® ammo from Littlestone Ammunition. To learn more about what we do and how we do it so well, please check us out! We believe you will be glad you did.