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One-Gun Excel Elite Ammunition
     Littlestone Ammunitionwas founded to develop completely custom handgun ammunition for specific handguns used for hunting, competition, and personal defense.
     If you desire the utmost in accuracy from your handgun, our One-Gun Excel Elite® completely custom load development service will produce it for you.
     Because of its expense, this ammunition is considered a "last resort" option for long-range handgun hunters and competition shooters who require maximum performance but have not found what they need through our more cost effective Custom Quality Excel Elite, available in 20-round sample packs of two-or-four different loadings, or in 20- and 50-round boxes of a single loading. 
     If you choose  One-Gun Excel Elite® completely custom load development service, you must ship your handgun to us. Upon its receipt, we will develop a load that provides the accuracy and terminal performance you need.
     If considering One-Gun Excel Elite® completely custom load development service, call us (888 569-2564, toll free) so we can discuss your specific needs. Based on that information, we will recommend bullet types, a powder with a burn rate matched to barrel length to maximize velocity, and where to zero the gun and load for the furthest Point Blank Range based based on the energy produced and, for hunters, the size of your kill zone.
     Once all particulars are agreed upon, we will post your product package in this storefront where you can then make the purchase.
     In developing the load, we vary bullet type and weight, type of powder, powder charge, and sometimes bullet seating depth to find the most accurate combination for your firearm.
     If you choose our this service, we will develop your custom load until achieving a superior level of accuracy. One key to making highly accurate ammunition is maintaining absolute consistency and precision throughout production of all components and dimensions. We pay scrupulous attention to these details, including but not limited to:
  • holding powder charge weights to a consistency of less than the +/- one-tenth grain level of precision regarded by many in the industry as the gold standard of match grade ammunition;
  • regulating overall bullet seating depth by measurement off the ogive (curved part of the bullet nose) rather than the tip, which can give false readings;
  • individually inspecting and hand gauging each round to ensure consistency;
  • meticulously keeping load data records to enable load duplication for the customer in the future.
     After the load is developed, we will zero your gun at the agreed upon range, build the quantity you want and ship it to you. We also send chronographed bullet speed test results and accuracy confirmation targets produced with the use of a Ransom Rest.
     As part of our service, we keep all your load data so when you need more ammo, you can send us the brass and we will reload the same load for you at reduced cost.
     Fees for the load development portion of our Completely Custom service are $350 per load developed, plus shipping for both the ammunition and the gun. The fee includes all components we use in the load development and range time.
     Purchase of the ammunition produced by the load development is an additional charge and is established according to type and quantity desired.
     Shipping fees can be significant. Federal law prohibits shipment of handguns by the United States Postal Service other than through federally licensed firearms dealers, and common carriers such as UPS and Fed/Ex typically will not ship handguns by ground service, instead requiring use of the more costly 1st or 2nd Day Air Services, often costing as much as $85-$100 or more one way.