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Personal Defense
Littlestone Ammunition is committed to producing personal defense ammunition that is powerful, reliable, and utilizes quality bullets with a sound reputation for delivering the maximum terminal performance when it matters most. Which is why we primarily use a fairly short list of just hollow point bullets for this application: Barnes TAC-XP, Hornady XTP (eXtreme Terminal Performance), Nosler JHP, Remington Golden Saber, Sierra Hollow Cavity and JHPs, and Speer Gold Dot.

We never use inferior (cheap) components just to make sales to the less knowledgeable by enticing them with a low price. After all, this is life-or-death stuff, and we want to be able to sleep at night.

Of course, one key to an effective defense round is velocity, which is why we load our defense ammunition to the maximum safe velocity that we can while staying within industry pressure limits. We also offer reduced recoil loads in some calibers.

Our personal defense ammunition can be had in any of several Excel Elite® formats: One-Gun®, Custom-Quality® and Sample Pack®.

When considering which bullet to choose, we suggest you review the information on The Bullets  page of our online store where you will find photographs and descriptions of the bullets and often their expected terminal performance.

The vast majority of our customers purchasing self-defense ammunition find it within our less costly Custom-Quality® and Sample Pack® options, since most self-defense work is done in fairly close quarters and the level of accuracy desired does not require the ammunition to be precisely crafted for a specific firearm, as is our One-Gun® ammo. That is not to say that the Custom-Quality® and Sample Pack® is not accurate. Because it is made to the same rigid quality control standards as the One-Gun® ammo, most customers are able to find an extraordinarily accurate load among those choices. And they are able to do it at much less expense.

Nevertheless, there are circumstances when ultimate accuracy is desired. There is a growing body of thought that the frequency and practicality of longer-range handgun use in defense situations may be more significant than previously thought. And there are those among us, most frequently first responders, whose ammunition needs are dictated by department policy or special application. In these cases, our One-Gun® ammunition can achieve the desired goal, so please see our One-Gun®  page for detailed information.