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Reduced Cost Reloading Service
     One of the great advantages of purchasing Littlestone Ammunition is the savings you get through our reduced cost reloading service.
     Here's how it works: After you shoot the ammunition we send, ship the empty cases and their boxes back to us via USPS flat rate.

  • We clean and inspect the cases
  • We trim them to correct length as necessary
  • We supply FREE replacement of up to 5% damaged, returned brass
  • We reload the cases for you with your original load
  • We ship them back to you
     For this service we charge the original price, minus the cost of the original brass and the box, plus shipping to you and any increase in what we pay for components. (We'll also deduct from your cost any reduction in the cost to us of components, but in truth we haven't seen that happen in a very long time.)

     As an example of your savings, the original cost of a 50-round box of .357 Magnum ammunition loaded with 125-grain Gold Dot Hollow Point bullets on Remington nickel cases is $49.29. The reloaded cost is just $37.45. That's more than a 24 percent savings, and you're shooting your own brass, not some questionable, supposedly once-fired range pick ups.

     So not only do you get reduced cost reloads, you are also shooting custom quality ammo from Littlestone Ammunition with the original loading AND the reloads. No one else in the industry offers this type service that we know.

     Due to the requirements of press setup time, we unfortunately must require that orders for reloads of less than 300 rounds of the same load of Custom-Quality Excel Elite mandate a setup fee of $30 per load.