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Sample Packs Debut

Posted by Administrator on 10/14/2011 to New Products
Littlestone Ammunition is proud to announce that our Sample Pack system is up and running, fully functional.

     Littlestone Ammunition's Sample packs currently are offered in three variations: 4 loads of 5 rounds each in a box of 20; 2 loads of 10 rounds each in a box of 20; and 5 loads of 10 rounds each in a box of 50.

     By purchasing a Sample Pack, customers can test multiple loads at greatly reduced cost. An evaluation sheet accompanies each Sample Pack to help customers test the loads for accuracy in their gun, impact near point of aim, recoil tolerance, and function (an especially necessary test for semi-automatic pistols.)

     Because each of our loads carries its unique load number, once a customer identifies his or her preferred load a greater quantity of the identical ammunition can be purchased with confidence in its performance.

     To this date, we are the only company in the industry offering this level of customer service.

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