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Sample Packs
    An innovation pioneered by Littlestone Ammuntion is our exclusive Sample Pack system, designed to help you find a good load for your handgun at reduced cost.
     Are you tired of spending big money on handgun ammunition that you can’t return and then hoping that a) it feeds and functions correctly in your gun, b) your gun likes it well enough to shoot it accurately, c) it shoots at or near your point of aim, and, d) if it's a defensive handgun, it has no more recoil than will allow you to get back on target quickly? Well we have a solution.
     We all know guns usually shoot some ammo well and other ammo poorly. Littlestone Ammunition’s sample pack system helps you find a quality, effective and accurate load at a fraction of the money you’d spend buying numerous full boxes of different kinds of ammunition.
     For less than you’d pay for 20 or 50 rounds of most decent ammunition, one of Littlestone Ammunition’s 20- or 50-round sample packs will let you test multiple loads.
     Typically you can choose from packs containing 5 rounds each of four different loads, 10 rounds each of two different loads, or 10 rounds each of five different loads. And we try to offer different combinations of loads, some including different bullets within a narrow weight range, others offering bullets across a wider spectrum of weight.
     Just like all our other Custom-Quality Excel Elite ammunition, our sample packs are made to the same rigid quality control standards as our One-Gun Excel Elite, our completely custom ammunition that is developed for a single handgun.
      We try to list at least four and usually six or more sample packs for each of the calibers we have ammunition in inventory.
      Because we keep meticulous records of each load we produce, once you've identified the load of your choice you can then purchase your desired quantity of only that load, knowing your money is invested in ammunition that will perform as you wish instead of ending up on a shelf unused, wasting your money.
     Regardless which packs you choose, you can test a far greater variety of loads for substantially less cost than buying multiple boxes of ammunition, each containing only one load. By using this system, you can find a quality load for your handgun. Then when you buy a full box of one type ammunition, you'll know it will do the job for you instead of just hoping it will.
     Use of our sample pack system is typically the quickest and least costly method of identifying a loading that achieves both the accuracy and terminal performance a customer desires. We highly recommend it. Just click on SAMPLE PACKS to be taken to them organized by cartridge.