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Purchasing ammo is a big decision-- what you decide to load in your weapon can be as serious as life and death. We are an ammunition company started by marksmen, run by marksmen, for marksmen. Our goal is provide the highest quality ammunition for all your shooting needs. But don't take our word for it, read below to see what Littlestone Ammunition customers say about our quality, consistency and service.

.380 ACP Excel Elite Sample Pack 10

“Thank you very much for the fast service. I love how you offer the sample pack of ammo so we can judge better what works in my Sig P238. After i get a few more rounds through the gun I really look forward to sampling the ammo in the sample pack. The color coding of the ammo to the evaluation sheet is a great addition to an already great idea. Thanks Again I look forward to doing more business with you. Thanks.”

-Tim Swope, Texas

.45 ACP, 200 Grain Speer Gold Dot Bullet

“Each time I fired, the response was consistent and stable to the extent that it gave me a confidence that I could rely on. Additionally, 45 ACP's have always given me a bit of a hand torque, large diameter with a less than perfectly consistent burn, I think, at least that’s what my brain says. Anyway, with the Littlestone ammo, I had a straight up and down recoil action that helped get tighter patterns. Of course, super clean ammo is always a plus. Some people say that you will need to clean the gun anyway, but clean to the level of your ammo creates a more soothing after shot environment around the pistol which helps support the next shot. I find myself trying to explain a feeling rather than simply: I hit the target more consistently.”

-M. Cannon, Leona Valley, CA

.357 Magnum, 125 Grain Barnes TAC-XP

“I fired 18 rounds of the high velocity .357 Barnes last weekend from my Ruger GP100. I was pleasantly surprised by the mild recoil. Definitely more kick than the 38 special +P, but not bad at all. We had another piece of 3/4 inch acrylic which these rounds easily penetrated. Clearly a bunch more penetration than fmj from the 40 and the 9. The acrylic was backed by an inch of plywood which did little to slow the bullet, but the plywood did initiate some expansion (the acrylic did not)… I was putting up three-shot groups of three inches at 50 feet. Just iron sites, no bench rest; bad guys beware . … All said, these rounds get two thumbs up and were fun to shoot.”

-Patrick E., Forest Grove, OR

.45 ACP, 200 Grain Speer Gold Dot Bullet

“I finally got to shoot those rounds you make … and are they ever perfect for that little Smith and Wesson 329. I love shooting them in that little gun. I am going to order some more … they are the best! I appreciate the way you do business, thanks. The ammunition arrived in perfect condition … Thanks again, if I have any more ammunition needs I will contact you.”

-Dan, Crystal Falls, MN

.45 Colt Standard Pressure, 265 Grain Cast Performance Bullet

“Attached is a picture that includes one of the finest revolvers ever assembled, loaded with the finest ammunition in the world, and the unluckiest Javeline that used to live near Alpine, Texas.”

-Adam Beever, San Antonio, TX

9mm Luger, 115 Grain Barnes TAC-XP

“I’ve been meaning to try Cor Bon dpx, but frankly – your company offers a similar product at greater velocities and greater overall value.”

-Patrick E., Forest Grove, OR

.380 ACP, Barnes 80 Grain Bullet & .380 ACP, Magtech 85 Grain Bullet

“Thanks for your perseverance! It is a pleasure to do business with a group that actually cares about their customer. That’s getting hard to find these days. I’ll be back, and I’ll tell my friends! THANKS!!!”

-L. Pounds, Hobbs, N.M.

.357 Magnum, 125 Grain Speer Gold Dot

“All worked out very well. I am quite pleased with your shells. I got to shoot a few yesterday – the target told the truth – my .357 mag loves your loads.”

-B.G., GA

.45 Colt Standard Pressure, 265 Grain Cast Performance Bullet

“The light .45 colt loads are a blast. They performed well in 2 revolvers and one Winchester 1892. In fact, none of the guns need to be re-zeroed. I would like to order another box of 50, being the 265 grain … in the Remington nickel plated brass.”

-Adam Beever, San Antonio, TX