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The Littlestone Difference
We are confident the ammo and service that Littlestone Ammunition provides is the best, ammunition value available to the American handgun shooter. Please take a moment to consider our pledges to you, and then let us know whether you agree.

Five Advantages of Our Custom Ammunition

Each round of our ammo is loaded by hand and inspected for quality and consistency, and consistency is a big part of accuracy. Factory ammunition is mass-produced, and though quality of some factory ammunition has improved, ammo produced by machines on a massive scale does not receive the care ours does. Factory ammunition is sample inspected on a batch basis. Because we load each round by hand, we hold our ammo to much tighter tolerances. When you drop the hammer on Littlestone Ammunition, you can be confident youll get life-saving, game-getting or score-enhancing performance EVERY time.

For a box of ammunition to be accurate, each cartridge must be as close to identical as possible. Variations in the cartridges overall length, the weight of  the powder charges, the length of the brass case, the seating depth of the bullets and the concentricity of the bullets alignment with the cases can accumulate to degrade accuracy. Which is why we hold extremely tight tolerances for these and other technical requirements. As an example the weight of powder charges are checked on balance beam scales to +/-  1/35,000 of a pound, far exceeding the standards of mass production ammunition. And bullet seating depth is held within a range of +/- three tenths of a percent.

When we put together a load, we combine the exact components that meet your needs. You select the bullet that best accomplishes your purpose. You dont "make do" with limited bullet choices riding factory ammo. We use the best powder for your purpose: a faster burning powder for a 3-inch barrel, slower for a 6, slower still for 8+ inches. For many loads, we adjust seating depth to make best use of cartridge volume availability and to tune the load for maximum accuracy. The result: max velocity for the charge, and maximum accuracy. And we consider other factors when selecting an appropriate  powder,  such as low flash for defense and cleanliness for high volume shooting.

We provide a level of service that mass producers cant even consider. Well discuss with you what you want and how much it will cost. We can provide you SAMPLE PACKS of ammunition to see what combination of components your gun and you like best. If you like, we take your gun to the range for your loads development. And we will reload your original brass at reduced cost to you. Like we said, no large ammunition factory can even consider offering its customers the level of service we offer you.

Ammunition is expensive. Premium factory ammunition is VERY expensive. But often the cost of the cartridge components dont justify the ammunitions retail price. Which is why we can offer our customers all the benefits of custom ammunition at a very competitive price, almost always no more than premium factory loads, and, quite honestly, usually for less, sometimes a lot less.

So for all these reasons,  give us a call toll free at (888) 569-2564, or send us an email at [email protected] and we can talk about what you want and what it will cost. We are confident you will be pleased with the answers, ammunition and service you get from Littlestone Ammunition.