Written By: Mobin

7 Tips for Building a Dog Sensory Garden

Plant fragrant herbs, flowers and grasses to stimulate your dog’s eager sniffer during garden roams.  

Sniff Zone  

Add textures like stone paths, soft grass, stepping stones, peat moss that feel interesting under wandering paws. 

Touch Elements

Grow low-to-the-ground, dog-safe greens like mint, parsley or wheatgrass for curious canines to sample.  

Taste Test  

Place enriching garden markers with your dog’s name, cute sayings or inspiring quotes for them to discover.  

Fun Markers   

Hang wind chimes made with metal, wood or shells to capture your dog’s attention with tinkling nature melodies.   

Wind Chimes  

 Style an elevated dog bed, bench or platform covered in soft blanket for surveying the garden kingdom below.   

Lookout Perch

Have a water source like birdbath or fountain to attract wildlife “programming” for your pup to observe.  

Critter TV  

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