Written By: Mobin

Best Cat Breeds for Homes with Children

Docile and cuddly Ragdolls happily play gentle interactive games with respectful kids who reciprocate kind handling.  


Maine Coon cats tolerate tail and ear pulling from toddlers with patience, while enjoying older kids for playtime.  

Maine Coon

Abyssinians willingly engage kids in games and learning making them great classroom assistant cats for child development. 


Mellow Exotic Shorthairs gently accept enthusiastic handling from kids seeking a furry naptime companion.

Exotic Shorthair

Equally bonded with all family members, Tonkinese actively engage kids in play then snuggle at bedtime.


 Loyal Norwegian Forest Cats thrive on affection from respectful kids and fit right into active households.  

Norwegian Forest Cat  

British Shorthairs patiently allow dress up and pretend play then praise kids with purring and head butts.   

British Shorthair

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