Written By: Mobin

Best Cat Breeds for Playing Fetch

Clever Abyssinian cats turn any household item into a fetch toy, inventing new games to engage their preferred people endlessly.  


Outgoing Burmese foster strong bonds through fetch, learning tricks to show affection while tiring their minds and bodies.  


Siamese cats relish intensive one-on-one playtime by retrieving favored fetch toys with owners supplying praise and stimulation.  


Athletically built for speed, Manx cats dash to retrieve toys playfully, their long hind legs allowing impressive vertical leaps.


High energy Bengals challenge owners to exhaustion by repeatedly retrieving toys, scaling bookcases, or splashing through bathwater mid-game.


Natural athletes even enjoying water, Turkish Vans fetch avidly on land before pouncing triumphantly upon retreating toys.  

Turkish Van

Giant Maine Coons trill conversations around gentle mouth-held toy exchanges and nuzzles punctuating each fetch round.

Maine Coon

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