Written By: Mobin

Best White Cat Breeds for Loving Pets

Originally from Turkey, the Turkish Angora is an ancient breed cherished for its long, silky single layer bright white coat


Known as the quintessential British gentleman’s cat, the British Shorthair possesses a calm, easygoing attitude making them a wonderfully mellow housemate.

British Shorthair

The Persian’s long flowing fur gives them an angelic appearance though they have playful mischievous sides.


Graceful and vocal, white Siamese cats never fail to announce their presence. Despite seeming constantly in motion


The white Abyssinian cat presents the iconic ticked tabby coat in snow white fur. Energetic, friendly, and very smart


Ragdolls live up to their name, relaxing completely when picked up. Their bright blue eyes contrast beautifully with white fur.


Hailing from Siberia’s harsh winters, the striking white Siberian cat boasts a thick lush triple coat protecting them from the elements


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