Written By: Mobin

Cat Breeds with Majestic Maine Coon Characteristic

Like Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest Cats have a huge size, long coat and silly playfulness but are more adapted for cold weather.

Norwegian Forest Cat

An ancient Turkish breed, the Turkish Angora equals the Maine Coon in body size, long fur and intelligent, loving personality.  

Turkish Angora

Often called "the swimming cat", Turkish Vans match Maine Coons with a semi-longhaired coat, playfulness and large, powerful muscled body.

Turkish Vans

Hailing from Russia, Siberians have the Maine Coons talent for hunting mice, rugged coat to handle winter andPier robust physique.  


Descended from a Maine Coon, Ragamuffin cats mirror its signature friendly, gentle, cuddly personality and shaggy coat.


A Manx and American Shorthair hybrid, Highlander cats inherit some impressive Maine Coon similarities like size and sociability.  


Essentially a long-haired American Shorthair, the American Longhair channels a bit of Maine Coon’s sweet fluffball vibe.

American Longhair  

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