Written By: Mobin

Dog Breeds With Striking Solid White Coats

West Highland White Terriers earned their name from their lush, all-white coat originally used to hunt vermin.   


Samoyeds are affectionately called “walking clouds” thanks to their thick, all-white hypoallergenic coats.


Majestic Great Pyrenees work as livestock guardian dogs, protected by their long white weather-resistant fur.   

Great Pyrenees

Striking solid white coats occasionally appear in Siberian Husky litters, contrasting their usual gray and black coloration.  


White German Shepherds have the same traits as traditional coloration but with a snowy white coat.   

White German Shepherds

The White Standard Poodle's elegant hypoallergenic coat sets it apart from other color variations.

Standard Poodle

Friendly White English Bulldogs have the same stocky build and wrinkled face but coated in gleaming white fur.

White English Bulldogs

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