Written By: Mobin

Intriguing Things You Didn't Know About Black Cat

Black cats appear throughout folklore and mythology with conflicting symbolism - from witch's familiars to good luck charms for the Egyptians.

Mythic History

During the Golden Age of Sail, sailors believed black cats brought good luck - but if one walked away, it took fortune with it.

Sailors' Superstition

The solid black coat and orange eyes are a rare genetic combination mostly seen in Bombay cats and mixed breed moggies.

Rare Coloration  

Black cat owners report their kitties are extremely friendly, playful, vocal and affectionate lap cats.

Purrfect Personality

In some cultures, black cats symbolize mystery, evil, and bad luck - but in others they represent prosperity, abundance, and good fortune.

Cultural Symbols

Black cats have an intriguing history of being associated with magic, witchcraft, Halloween, and the supernatural.


Sadly, older black cats are adopted less often from shelters due to cultural superstitions, fears, and visibility issues.


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