Written By: Mobin

Should You Keep a Wolf Dog Hybrid as a Pet

With wolf-like features and perceived mystique, wolf dogs may seem like alluring exotic pets. But most carry inherent wild traits unsuited for domestic life. 

Alluring But Untame

Often called wolf hybrids, wolfdogs are a mix of wolf and domestic dog ancestry. Their behavior and needs depend greatly on that genetic mix.

Wolf Hybrid

Wolfdogs generally retain more wild wolf behavioral traits than their domestic dog cousins. This includes destructive chewing and digging even in adulthood.

Destructive Tendencies 

 Shy and easily spooked, most adult wolfdogs remain aloof or fearful around strangers and in unfamiliar environments, more wolf than pet. 

Skittish Nature

As pack animals, wolfdogs require constant canine company and attention from owners conversant in wolf behavior, which most people aren't.

Demanding Social Need

Only very experienced owners well-versed in wolf ethology should keep wolfdogs. They require intense supervision, secured spaces, and expert handling.

Expert Handling 

Due to concerns over rabies vectors, aggression, and containment issues, it’s illegal to keep wolfdogs as pets in many U.S. states.  

Legal Restriction

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