Written By: Mobin

Tips for Dogs Meeting New People

Introduce rewarding handling, costumes, noises, and visitor exposure during prime socialization windows under 4 months when trusting natures emerge.

Start Young

When visitors appear, keep unfamiliar dogs far enough away to observe guests while staying relaxed below reaction threshold.

Use Distance

Ask new friends to fling amazing treats introducing themselves as givers of good things when your pup remains loose and calm. 

Bring the Yummies

Avoid tense leash corrections increasing uncertainty. Stand sideways ignoring rising anxiety while redirecting attention to cues reinforcing confidence.   

Mind Your Cues

If dogs need decompression, provide food puzzles in another room preventing overwhelming intensity from continual greetings.

Take Breaks

 Notice lip licks, yawns, shakes, or tail tucked to catch unease early and help dogs recover equilibrium before pushing too far.  

Body Language  

Only allow petting once your dog sits patiently, keeping paws down against jumpy habits that may intimidate strangers.   

Require Polite Attention 

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