Written By: Mobin

Tips For Keeping Indoor Cats Happy & Healthy

Tall cat trees and wall-mounted shelves allow indoor cats to satisfy their climbing instincts and oversee their domain up high.

Cat Trees  

 Battery-operated and puzzle feeders will keep curious cats mentally and physically engaged during the day when you can’t directly play.

Interactive Toys  

Schedule at least 2 daily play sessions dragging teasers, tossing balls etc to satisfy a cat's prey drive and prevent boredom or bad behaviors.   

Play Sessions   

Multiple oversized litter boxes, ideally one per cat plus an extra, cuts down on accidents and territorial disputes.

Large Litters  

Sturdy scratching posts are essential for indoor cats to stretch their muscles, shed old claws, and mark their space.  

Scratch Posts

 Harness train cats to enjoy occasional supervised outdoor time which improves mood and health. Use catios if possible.

Access Outside  

Feed a balanced cat food diet in puzzle bowels providing vital nutrition and mental stimulation during chow time.   

Proper Diet   

How To Properly Pick Up and Hold A Cat