Written By: Mobin

Tips to Keep Dogs Cool in Hot Weather

Schedule outdoor walks during cooler times of day while monitoring paw pad health to avoid burns on hot ground. 

Walk Mornings

Refresh water bowls frequently both indoors and outdoors ensuring unlimited access to cool water preventing dangerous dehydration.

Ensure Water  

Find flat chilling mats, bandanas, vests, or towels helping regulate body temperature for dogs prone to heat stress.

Offer Cooling Mat

Enable dogs to relax inside air conditioning on brutally hot days since excessive panting can't cool them sufficiently.  

Allow Access  

Closely supervise duration of bathroom breaks, play sessions, or off-leash hikes under direct sun avoiding prolonged exposure.  

Watch Time Outdoors   

Help double-coated breeds stay cooler by trimming longer fur yet leave at least 1 inch to prevent sunburn.   

Give Summer Haircut

Restrict exercise to early mornings and evenings when extreme temps pose highest risk of irreversible organ damage. 

Limit Peak Heat  

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