Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds for Nighttime Adventures

Tall, lean, and very active, Savannah cats often explore and play at night when their wild instincts kick in.


With their exotic look and energetic personality, Bengal cats often get "the zoomies" at night when they burn off energy.  


Vocal, affectionate, and filled with personality, Siamese cats tend to be active and chatty long after their owners go to bed.


 Intelligent, curious Abyssinian cats love to investigate, interact, and often roam rooms while their families sleep.


Fun-loving and athletic Oriental Shorthairs stay playful and energetic well into the nighttime hours.

Oriental Shorthair

 With their warm coats and affectionate nature, Cornish Rex cats snuggle at night but also explore and play.

Cornish Rex

Devons are playful, loyal, and attached to their owners - following them from room to room both day and night.

Devon Rex 

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