Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds Known for Polydactyl Traits

The gentle giant Maine Coon cat is famous for its furred feet, high chance of extra toes and sweet, cuddly personality.  

Maine Coon

Manx cats often possess extra toes and thicker paws from their early island life hunting rodents, especially the rumpy riser variant.


The American Polydactyl cat is defined by its marvelous big mitten feet with a fantastic abundance of supple toes.   

American Polydactyl

The Pixie Bob breed standard specifically calls for the presence of bobcat-like double paws with extra digits.

Pixie Bob

Hailing from Scandinavia, Norwegian Forest Cats have a history of polydactyly and showy fur tufts between their toes.

Norwegian Forest  

Cute stubby-legged Scottish Fold cats may also feature bonus toes and appealing mittens on their supple paws.

Scottish Folds

A Manx-American Shorthair mix, Highlander cats also inherit endearing mittens and supernumerary toes.


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