Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds Skilled at Playing Fetch

Energetic Abyssinian cats love games and interaction, often eagerly retrieving toys and bringing them back to play more.


Intelligent and athletic Bengals take readily to games of fetch, captivated by moving toys they can chase after.


Burmese cats thrive on human playtime and attention, readily chasing after and returning balls and toy mice.  


Vocal Siamese cats bond closely with their families, loving interactive games like fetch that allow quality time together.


 Maine Coon cats have dog-like personalities, readily taking to playing fetch with their favorite people.

Maine Coon

Savannahs have wild energy to burn, excitedly chasing toys and presenting them to their owners to throw again. 


Mischievous Devon Rex cats eagerly dash after toys, fetching and dropping them for their amused owners.  

Devon Rex

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