Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds That Are Skilled at Climbing

Common tabby cats climb with ease using sharp claws to grip bark and brick. Muscular and lean, they scamper up high.


Originally bred from wild Asian leopard cats, Bengals keep that agility and strength, scaling bookcases with focus.


Savannahs blend gracious domestic felines with wild servals. Jumping as high as 8 feet, trees don't stand a chance.


Born without tails, Manx utilize strong back legs to leap as high as 6 feet onto shelves and more verticle spaces.  


Siamese are legendary climbers, using whippy bodies to access tricky spots like hanging light fixtures with ease.


Abyssinians climb confidently thanks to muscular builds, sharp claws, and curiosity of their surroundings.


This adapted Norwegian breed climbs high in snowy forests. Their claws grip bark to scale tall pines with ease.

Norwegian Forest Cat

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