Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds with Mesmerizing Blue Eyes

Iconic for their piercing sky-blue eyes and contrasting points, Siamese often pass vibrant blue eyes genetically through generations.  


As Siamese descendants, Ragdolls commonly inherit deep blue eyes as kittens which lighten to aquamarine as Siamese points fade with maturity.


 With their plush silver-blue coats, Russian Blues are famed for matching brilliant light green or blue eyes passed strictly within pedigree.   

Russian Blue  

 British Shorthairs occasionally produce prized blue-eyed kittens, but their eye color also appears in brilliant gold, copper, and green.

British Shorthair

As Serval descendants known for lush spots, some Savannahs also inherit their wild ancestor’s intense, deep blue almond eye shape.

Savannah Cat 

Though bred from Manx cats, the Cymric longhaired tailless breed stands apart with higher likelihood of vivid blue eyes alongside orange or odd-eyes.   


 Legendary French Chartreux wear their thick water-repellant blue fur behind soulful orange, green, or blue eyes that glow like stained glass.


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