Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Breeds with Sleek, Shiny Fur

Legendary for plush silver-blue fur with shimmering brilliance from each hair tip, Russian Blues gleam with a healthy glow.

Russian Blue  

With long, snug fur in frosty white, fawn, chocolate, blue, and lilac, Balinese cats appear to float on a satiny cloud.  


 Only lacking three guard hairs per follicle, short curly coats of Cornish Rex feel like warm suede with a subtle sheen.   

 Cornish Rex

LaPerm coats froth with ringlets resembling shantung silk complete with cats’ signature tabby stripes, spots, or shaded hues.  


Renowned seal point Siamese wear glossy, flowing fur in frosty contrast to darker face, ears, legs, and tail shading.   


Staining Birman kittens results in luscious semi-long white coats plus darker points on all four paws and faces as adults. 


Bald Sphynx cats reveal lean muscles rippling subtly under skin often described as a "peach ripe for eating" at touch.


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