Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cat Grooming Techniques

Use a stainless steel comb and slicker brush when grooming to penetrate all layers removing dead hair and evenly distributing skin oils for a healthy, mat-free coat.

Quality Brushing

Freshen coats between traditional water baths using gentle, pH balanced foaming cat waterless shampoos that conveniently moisturize skin. 

Waterless Baths 

Include claw trimming in monthly home cat grooming, safely snipping off sharp points using proper nail clippers for cats to preserve scratching.

 Trimming Tips 

Check ears weekly while grooming. Use cotton balls dampened in saline to gently remove debris and wax preventing buildup in ear canals.

Ear Care

Spot check eyes when grooming for inflammation, discharge or tearing. Carefully wipe messy corners with cotton and warm water. 

Eye Care

Scoop waste clumps from litter boxes twice daily and refresh litter regularly every 1-3 weeks depending on type to promote good elimination.

Litter Maintenance  

Arrange professional cat grooming every 6-8 weeks to thoroughly wash, brush, trim nails and address heavily matted fur.

Professional Grooming

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