Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Cats for Independent Owners

Vocal and affectionate on their own terms, Siamese cats tend to be very bonded with their people while still highly independent.


With a dog-like devotion but less needy, the Manx cat breed prizes its alone time as much as a warm lap.


Graceful Russian Blue cats can be quite reserved and value their solitude but enjoy quiet quality time with loved ones.

Russian Blue

Ragdoll cats often lounge alone but meet their owners at the door for cuddles, following them devotedly around the home.


The gentle giant Maine Coon usually has a dog-like companionability balanced with a strong independent streak.

Maine Coon

Roaming through trees like mini leopards, gorgeous Bengals thrive on adventure but snuggle owners on their own terms.   


Busy Abyssinian cats entertain themselves for hours but connect strongly with owners when seeking affection.


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