Written By: Mobin

Top 7 cats with Gorgeous Tabby Coats

One of the original tabby breeds, the American Shorthair still wears its trademark brown striped fur coat proudly today like a wild heritage falcon.  

American Shorthairs

Famed gentle giants, Maine Coon cats sport fabulous flowing striped tabby coats in brown, silver and orange hues befitting their rustic New England history.

Maine Coons

An ancient regal breed from Turkey, Turkish Angoras shine in tabby coats with exotic colorpoint markings on the extremities contrasting rich swirls.  

Turkish Angoras

Adapted for Scandinavian winters, Norwegian Forest Cats have famously lush striped tabby fur suits perfect for the cold.

Norwegian Forest Cats

The Abyssinian cat's distinctive fur resembles mountain lions with artful ruddy brown mackerel tabby patterns and white underbellies.   


A longhaired variant, the Somali Cat sports a spectacularly full collar ruff and plumed fox-like tail to frame its mischievous wild fawn-ticked tabby coat.  

Somali Cats

Bred to resemble wild ocelots, Ocicats wear lush spotted or ticked tabby coats suggesting jungle leopards and wildcats.


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