Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds Rising Most in Popularity

French Bulldog popularity has skyrocketed from #82 in 2002 to #2 today! Their amusing personalities in a compact package make them perfect apartment dogs.  

French Bulldogs

Agile working Australian Shepherds have risen from #37 up to #16, attracting active owners able to meet their high exercise needs with jobs or sports.

Australian Shepherds

Climbing from #89 in 2002 up to #53 today, curly-coated Portuguese Water Dogs win fans with their affectionate and adventurous nature.

Portuguese Water Dogs

Stunning Siberian Huskies have swept up the rankings from #71 to #14 due to their wolf-like looks and speed for sledding or skijoring.  

Siberian Huskie

Sweet family-oriented Bernese Mountain Dogs entered the top 25 most popular breeds, favored for their cheerful personality

Bernese Mountain Dog

Scooting up 50 spots, majestic Great Danes crack the top 20 big dogs that think they're lapdogs! Their size needs consideration but they love people.

Great Dane

Energetic Hungarian Vizslas have sprung up 45 spots thanks to their athleticism, affection and trainability making them ideal running


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