Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds That Are Excellent Service

Eager to please and highly trainable, Labrador Retrievers excel at guide, hearing, therapy and mobility assistance work.

Labrador Retriever

Friendly and patient, Golden Retrievers are customarily successful service dogs trained to support people with disabilities.

Golden Retriever

Bold, focused and protective, German Shepherd Dogs often serve people with disabilities as guide dogs and personal assistants.  

German Shepherds

Whip-smart Poodles of all sizes possess the intelligence required of a successful service dog across a variety of working roles.


Giant but gentle, Great Danes have the large stature helpful for providing stability assistance and counterbalance work.  

Great Danes  

Lively Boxer service dogs are trained in response work like seizure alerting, anxiety mitigation or diabetic monitoring.  


The classic "Lassie" dog, Rough Collies use their natural herding ability as intuitive medical alert and response service dogs.   

Rough Collies

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