Written By: Mobin

 Top 7 Dog Breeds with Adorable Underbites

Joyful Boxer smiles turn fabulously goofy and tongue-teasing through famously cute underbites below adoring wrinkles.  


Alongside squishy faces, Bulldogs flaunt endearing underbites causing tongues to innocently loll about begging boops on daily walks. 


Dapper Boston Terriers sport classically charming underbites from their sturdy pushed-in snouts and rectangular proportioned heads.

Boston Terrier

Shaggy Brussels Griffon underbites highlight beloved bearded chin straps and supremely silly expressions delighting owners.

Brussels Griffon  

Occasionally even family favorite Labs inherit goofy grins through slight genetic underbites needing kisses.

Labrador Retriever  

With longer bottom jaws, sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels smize affectionately behind ledge underbites. 

Cavalier King Charles

Ultimately accustomed to tooth trouble, easygoing English Bulldogs only improve character through underbite adjustments.   

English Bulldog

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