Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds With Strong Protective Instincts

A powerful guard dog breed valued for their loyalty and protective nature. Rotties make excellent watchdogs who will keep their family and home safe.


This intelligent breed is very territorial and won't hesitate to protect their family from any threats. Dobermans are athletic, fearless guard dogs.  


Widely used as police and military dogs, German Shepherds will bring their protective instincts wherever they go. They're loyal guardians.

German Shepherd

This courageous Japanese breed has strong territorial instincts and won't back down from a threat. They'll shield their family from danger.


Including breeds like Bullmastiffs, Cane Corsos, Tibetan Mastiffs, etc. Their size and protective nature makes them excellent guardians.


A working dog breed utilized as police dogs, Giant Schnauzers have strong guarding instincts both indoors and out. Intimidating in size and presence. 

Giant Schnauzer 

Smart herding dogs with fearless protective instincts used to guard property. The Malinois won't hesitate to confront intruders. 

Belgian Malinois

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