Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dog Breeds With Stunning Tricolor Coats

Hallmark flashy Aussie rich red merle and tan accents framing piercing eyes on black or gray remains an outsanding ranch hand signature. 

Australian Shepherd

Traditional tri beads drizzled over lean Beagle frames toasted by soulful brown eyes makes this Hunter undeniably winsome.  


Shades of black, chocolate, and red swirls well scattered over various white spotted canvases screams intelligence with equal parts optic brilliance. 

Border Collie

Rustic allure radiates from Continental spans flashing ample white coat populated by charming brown and orange speckled markings.


This rugged working pack springs to action draped in wildly expressive patches of black, brown, white, and gray howlings.  

Catahoula Leopard Dog  

Lavish belton pied big gun settings presenting painterly spots with classic orange additions proves nobility transcends all. 

English Setter

Crisp Tuxedo-ed mini hunters styled by black and white two tone elegance infused with welcomed reddish hues always impresses.  

Rat Terrier

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