Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Dogs with Naturally Glossy Coats

An impressive wavy or curly waterproof coat needing profuse brushing gives the active Portuguese water dog a gloriously glossy look.

Portuguese Water Dog

The curly liver colored waterproof coat of the Irish water spaniel earns raves for its rich glossy hue. 

Irish Water Spaniel 

Special moisturizing skin care, the hairless and powderpuff varieties of Chinese cresteds gleam with healthy gloss minus heavy fur coats to hide luster.

Chinese Crested

This sunny breed boasts a luminous silky coat that dazzles while it flows freely unless trimmed shorter. 


Showcasing streamlined fitness, the Saluki wears a smooth short glossy coat ideal for racing. The dazzling sheen upon their lean muscles.


This popular toy breed’s floor length steel blue and tan silk coat often styled in a topknot naturally gleams drawing attention to their petite yet spirited self.

Yorkshire Terrier  

Afghan hound cuts a striking figure with four glossy variations: black masked red, red, cream and gray. Their healthy glow earns great renown.

Afghan Hound  

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