Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Low Grooming Dog Breeds

With a short, dense water-resistant coat, Labrador Retrievers only need occasional brushing and bathing to keep neat and tidy.  

Labrador Retriever

The smooth-haired Doberman Pinscher has a sleek, short coat that only requires a weekly brushing and wipe down to look sharp.

Doberman Pinscher  

Fun-loving Boxers have tight, glossy coats that simply call for a quick weekly brushing session and monthly bath.  


Their massive size, short-coated Great Danes have wonderfully low-maintenance grooming needs overall.

Great Danes

The Pug's smooth, fine coat requires weekly brushings with bathing only when dirty to maintain its tidy appearance.  


As a wash and wear breed, Pit Bull Terriers sport an easy-care coat that stays looking nice with minimal grooming time.

Pit Bull Terriers

Compact Rat Terriers have short fur that lies flat, needing just a weekly once-over brushing for handy upkeep.  

Rat Terriers  

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