Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Low-Maintenance Cats for Busy Owners

 Russian Blue cats' plush coat requires little grooming while they independently entertain themselves without disruptive behavior. 

Russian Blue

Bombay cats maintain shiny coats with little grooming while they independently entertain and expend energy through quiet play.


As hardy, robust cats accustomed to cold weather, Maine Coons thrive with basic care plus outdoor access for self-directed adventures.  

Maine Coon 

Though vocal, Siamese cats match busy lifestyles by entertaining themselves for periods yet demanding affection when owners are hom


Manx adapt well to apartments, focus playful energy on favorite toys, and take routine disruption in stride.


Once groomed and fed, Persian cats are content lounging lazily at home alone yet welcome affection whenever owners provide it


Sweet-natured Ragdolls thrive on basic care plus affection, amusing themselves independently when busy owners are away.  


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