Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Most Graceful & Elegant Dog Breeds

Recognized for dignity and aristocratic bearing, the glamorous Afghan hound turns heads with their flowing coat and style.

Afghan Hound

Reputed as the Royal Dog of Egypt, the Saluki conveys fitness and symmetry. Their sleek muscular form gracefully covers ground as they run like the wind.


Built for speed, Greyhounds move with flexible grace and striking elegance. Their aerodynamic, athletic build allows them to sprint gracefully.  


Elegantly shaped with waves of silky fur, the dignified Borzoi moves with aristocratic bearing. Their noble Russian heritage shows in their refinement.


With their rich mahogany coat, the Irish Setter elegantly glides in the show ring and field. Their beauty, swiftness and style is captivating.

Irish Setter    

Sporting neat spotted coats, Dalmatians carry themselves with poise and dignity. Their graceful shape, symmetry and carriage reflects high breed standards.


Whether clippered for show or full coated, Standard Poodles carry themselves with intelligence and sophistication.

Standard Poodle

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