Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Snow Dog Breeds Built for Winter Weather

Known for their striking eyes and lush coats, Siberian Huskies are tireless sled dogs bred to traverse icy Arctic landscapes. 

Siberian Husky

As muscular freighting dogs and sled-pullers, giant Alaskan Malamutes have thick coats perfect for chilly weather and hard outdoor work.

Alaskan Malamute

These white, fluffy dogs were originally reindeer herders in Siberia. Today the adaptable and family-friendly Samoyed excels in cold climates.


With their bear-like appearance and dense fur, Chow Chows are built for cold. Their mane and furry tail keep snow at bay.

Chow Chow

Hugely popular in their native snowy Japan, courageous Akitas have a double-coat well-suited for intense cold.


This foxy red breed is a Northern original. They thrive in snowy forests and their thick double coat allows them to comfortably sleep in the snow!

Finnish Spitz

Used by Vikings to hunt moose and bears, Norwegian Elkhounds have thick silver coats perfect for cold Scandinavian winters even today. 

Norwegian Elkhound

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