Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Striking Brindle Dog Breeds and Mutts

Often called Tiger Striped Pit Bulls, Brindle Pitbulls inherit their distinctive fawn coats from generations of bull-baiting dogs. 

Brindle Pitbull

Originally bred to hunt boar, brave yet sweet Brindle Plott Hounds wear their pretty brindle patterns proudly.

Plott Hound 

 An energetic athlete, the brindle-coated Boxer is one of the most popular brindle dog breeds. Their tiger-striped coat is a breed hallmark.  


A fast racing favorite, Brindle Greyhounds sport dashing fawn coats with darker tiger-like stripes. They love to run!


 Plucky small hunters, Cairn Terriers come in a range of colors and patterns including a reddish-brown brindle.

Cairn Terrier   

Often called the Brindle Cur Dog, this muscular working breed comes in a variety of brindle shades and markings.

Treeing Tennessee

From mixed Boxers to blend Bullmastiffs, when brindle meets brindle across breeds, gorgeous brindle mutts can result!  


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