Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Striking Solid Black Dog Breeds 

Intelligent, loyal German Shepherds sometimes sport striking solid black coats. Their dark pigment and color is coveted.  

German Shepherd

Known gentle giants of the dog world, Newfoundlands sometimes come in beautiful solid black coats complementing their sweet temperament.


This active, fox-faced Belgian breed earned the nickname “Little Captain” and is always jet black in color with a cute fluffy tail. 


Friendly yet dignified, Scottish Deerhounds boast a wiry black coat and commanding profile. They make devoted companions. 

Scottish Deerhound

A large working breed hailing from Germany, Giant Schnauzers have striking jet black coats accented by arched bushy eyebrows. 

Giant Schnauzer    

Known for being strong guard dogs, some Rottweilers sport deep black coats complementing their intimidating appearance.   


With dark almond eyes peering from a sleek black face, Dobermans are instantly recognizable and have an iconic regal look.   

Doberman Pinscher  

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