Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat DIY Cat Grass Planting

Use sterile potting mix soilfree of chemical additives in seed starting trays or containers with drainage holes for irrigating soil.


Purchase certified organic cat grass blends of safe oat, barley, and wheat seeds labeled pet-friendly from garden retailers


Lightly cover grass seeds in soil, water gently, cover containers with plastic, and place in sunlight to germinate green shoots.


Once sprouted, remove cover and move containers to a very sunny spot indoors for grass to continue reaching 3-4 inches tall before allowing cat access.


Check soil moisture daily. Water when top layer dries out. Good drainage prevents oversaturation and mold risks.  


Cut tops off fully grown grass above soil line for cats to nibble. Rinse grass before serving. Refrigerate extra harvest.  


Repeat seeding every 2 weeks for a continual supply. Reuse soil up to 3 cycles before replacing to prevent mold.   


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