Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Emergency Preparedness

Stock first aid supplies - bandages, antiseptic, blankets. Know basic protocols like CPR and restraint methods.

First Aid

Have a sturdy cat carrier ready to transport quickly. Familiarize cat with carrier during normal times to reduce stress.   


Gather food, meds, litter supplies to last at least 5 days. Also flashlight, can opener, garbage bags. Update as needed.


Ensure ID/veterinary contacts are accessible offline/online. Microchip cat for recovery assistance if separated. 

Ensure ID

Make boarding/pet sitter plans for when you cannot take cat if evacuating. Communicate special needs.


Role play emergency scenarios - entering/exiting home, car travel, vet exams. Build skills and trust.


Cat-proof home with non-tip furniture, cord covers, cabinet locks. Reduce everyday risk factors inside.


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