Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Handling Hyperactive Kittens

Ample age-appropriate solo and interactive toy play sessions to meet energy needs for exercising young minds and bodies.


Cat proof unsafe areas and block access to vulnerable spaces during unsupervised kitten explorations. Manage exposures.  

Proof Access

Introduce towering cat trees, wall perches, and multi-level climbing spaces to expand terrain for adventure seeking kittens.


Structure regular play sessions before and after meals to help prevent hyperactivity stemming from food anticipation.  

Schedule Play

Pair bonded companion kittens engage in constructive social play together, decreasing likelihood of mischief while alone.

Pair Bond 

Avoid inadvertently rewarding unwanted antics with attention. Calmly redirect to better outlets instead like chase toys.

Ignore Mischief  

Use positive reinforcement training to teach and reward polite manners, impulse control behaviors, and cues like "off" or "leave it."


Top 7 Tips for Cat Keeping a Cat-friendly Home