Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Cat Scratching Post Importance

Scratching satisfies innate territorial marking behaviors. Posts offer approved outlets without damaging your home.


Scratching sheds old layers from claws so newer, sharper ones emerge. Keeps them healthy as they grow.   


Stretching front and back legs on vertical posts extends muscles and joints. Supports flexibility.  


 Scratching serves as stress relief and sensory soothing after naps or high energy play. Calms cats.


Attractive, sturdy posts spark scratching instinct cues. Various materials like sisal rope or cardboard suit preferences.  


Put favored posts near furniture to divert scratching. Saves your sofas, chairs and curtains. Praise or treat when kitty scratches good posts.   


Check posts routinely for wear, tear or instability. Add new cat scratchers so textures compel renewed curiosity.


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