Written By: Mobin

Top 7 Tips for Dog Preventing Chewing Habits

Prevent boredom and work off excess energy with plenty of aerobic and mental enrichment activities decreasing need to chew.  


Use treats to reinforce appropriate chew toys, praising for making good choices to distinguish unwanted items to leave alone.  

Positive Training  

Confine unsupervised puppies and dogs prone to chewing in safe spaces with designated chew items. Crate train if needed.   

Den Areas

Eliminate residual food smells or tastes dogs associate with edibles that trigger scavenging behavior and undesirable nibbling. 

Clean Tastes 

Apply special anti-chew sprays with unappealing bitter tastes discouraging nibbling on off-limit belongings. Reapply frequently.  

Bitter Deterrents  

Keep tempting objects out of sight and redirect attention to rewarding toys when caught investigation off-limits items.   


Conceal vulnerable wires behind solid surfaces limiting access to avoid electrical dangers from chewing live wires.   

Hide Wires

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